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Daily Spam Quarantine Digest and Reminder

Whenever your account has Zinga SpamWall option turned on, we filter all your incoming mail to prevent your inbox from being overrun with garbage.  We DO NOT THROW away the emails...but rather set them aside in a Quarantine.  The SpamWall is 98.95 % effective in catching SPAM, the filter can be tuned by you to "loosen" or "tightnen" the filter.  In the beginning when your account is first activated you should check the Quarantine regularly to make sure it is not chatching any newsletters or bulk mail that you actually want.

You can turn on an option that will send you a Daily or Weekly Quarantine Report.  You have easy acess to your Quarantine and The Spam Quarantine manager by visiting :


Use your complete email address and the password assigned.  If you need help setting this up, please contact support by placing a Support Ticket.

QuarantineSpam Quarantine Reminders/Digests Settings

Spam quarantine Reminders and Summary/Digest emails are notifications that can be set up to automatically remind email users who have login accounts set up on the system that they have messages in their quarantine so that these users can log in and access and view these messages if they like. The "Reminders" function will send a message at the interval specified which says something like the following:

"Hello xxx. This message is to let you know that you have xx messages in your Spam Quarantine. These messages will be deleted in xx days. It is recommended that you log in and check your quarantine if necessary on a regular basis. You can log in and view your quarantined email by clicking "

The main SpamWall Administrator is able to specify the "Quarantine Login URL" in the System Settings screen as well as the "Quarantine Reply-To Address ".

The Quarantine Digest/Summary feature is similar to the Quarantine Reminders feature however this will also send a summary or "digest" of the some of the messages contained in the users quarantine. The sending interval and the number of messages to include with each Digest/Summary can be set by all users who have a valid login access account (if access to this feature has been enabled by the main SpamWall administrator).

Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly Quarantine Reminder and Digest/Summary intervals can be specified as well as the "Threshold" at which these notifications are sent. The "threshold" value would be the minimum number of messages that must be in a users quarantine before a reminder message is sent. If for instance the threshold value is set to "10" then there must be at least 10 messages in any given users quarantine before a reminder will automatically be sent.

Other parameters relating to the Reminders and Digest/Summary notifications are the "Quarantine Digest Message Limit". This value will determine the limit on how many messages a user will receive when a Digest/Summary notification is sent. If for instance a particular user has 500 messages in their quarantine and the Quarantine Digest Message Limit is set at 50 this will ensure that the user does not receive a very large mail containing a summary of all 500 of the messages in the quarantine but rather only the first 50 of these messages. The Digest/Summary notification will inform the user how many messages in total are contained in their quarantine and they can then decide if they should log in and view these messages.

All users who have a valid login account set up on the system have access to the ability to set their own Quarantine Reminder intervals (hourly/daily/weekly/monthly) and Threshold values.

Each domain will have been assigned a DOMAIN ADMIN.  The domain admin can login at http://spamwall.zingaweb.net/qmanager using their FULL email address and assigned password.  From here they can manage their entire domains QUARANTINE as well as setting up additional users in their domain in order to manage their own mail. 

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