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What is Shared Hosting



Want to start a blog, personal website, photo sharing website or discussion forum? If so, you’re going to need some type of Shared Hosting.

Shared Hosting is the most common form of web hosting available. It can also be known as Unix Hosting, Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting, depending on the operating system the server uses.

The cost of Shared Hosting is generally low because all of the server’s resources are shared by multiple sites. There can be hundreds or thousands of sites on a single server, all sharing the same processing power, memory and bandwidth.

Having a site that uses Shared Hosting does not require a lot of knowledge to set up, run and maintain. Server maintenance and upgrades are almost always completed by the host. Most hosts also install a control panel that will allow you to build and maintain your website effortlessly. Some hosts even include script libraries (Fantastico or Softaculous is a great example, and these are provided by ZingaWEB) that allow you to easily install applications for blogs, wikis, image galleries, content management systems, discussion boards and e-commerce solutions.

Even though Shared Hosting is low cost and feature rich, there are some drawbacks. There are limits to the amount of disk space and bandwidth you can use. Large, sudden increases in traffic can take your site offline for going over the bandwidth limit. If other sites on your server experience this issue, it can hinder the performance of all sites operating on that server, and on rare occasions, take the server offline completely.

Also, be wary of hosts that have been known to oversell server space. This means that more account disk space and bandwidth is sold than actually exists on the server. Hosts do this with the expectation that most people will not use all of the resources allocated to them. Some hosts have been known to oversell servers anywhere between 10-50 times the server’s capacity. This can cause major issues for all sites on the server if a few start using more bandwidth and disk space than the others, so it is best to avoid this situation if possible.

Shared Hosting has many advantages and few disadvantages. It provides a cheap, reliable way for someone new to web hosting to get up and running with their own web site quickly and easily.

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