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Windows or Unix... Which is Best?

Linux vs Windows hosting

Not sure if you need Linux web hosting or Windows web hosting? Both have respective upsides and drawbacks.

Linux based hosting is the most prominent form of hosting on the Internet. This is because many of the technologies that run on Linux hosting, as well as the operating system itself, are all open source. Linux based hosting has a very low cost because of these factors. In addition, Linux web hosting scales extremely well, so as your site grows it remains easy to manage. The only downside to Linux hosting is the lack of support for most Windows based applications and coding languages. This is where Windows hosting comes into play.

Windows hosting is based on the Windows operating system. It is known for support of various programming frameworks, including ASP.net and ColdFusion. Windows hosting can also support SQL server, which can be used to build a site around an online searchable database. Windows based hosting or servers are ideal for those who need easy compatibility of Microsoft based technologies. The cost of Windows web hosting is generally higher than Linux based hosting due to licensing of various Windows environment technologies. There are few open source solutions for Windows hosting.

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