ZingaWEB now offers WINDOWS VPS.

In their continuous drive to stay on the cutting edge of Web-Hosting excellence, ZingaWEB now offers its award winning Virtual Private Servers with the Microsoft Windows Server Operating System installed. 

ZingaWEB has offered Unix based VPS since early 2009 and due to increased requests for a Windows alternative is happy to announce the rollout of of three new VPS Server plans starting at $24.95 monthly.  With the new offering Zinga customers can now access both Unix as well as Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS). This new product places ZingaWEB in a competitive advantage as most of their commercial rivals offer only Unix Based Virtual Servers.

ZIngaWEB long known for its advanced application services as well as its custom WebSite hosting now takes it's offerings into a higher plane thanks to its recent additions of Windows VPS and Linux VPS.  Windows VPS being particularly invaluable because of the worldwide popularity of this particular operating system in business use.

Many clients have advanced and grown their web presence to a point where more control is needed, yet dedicated servers are too expensive.  This new offering allows those who are searching for alternatives to a traditional or dedicated server the ability to grow and better control their needs. The inauguration of the Windows VPS in its list of web hosting options will provide ZingaWEB customers a myriad of additional options, alternatives, and features that should suit most any preference and business requirement.

The Windows VPS itself offers high-grade performance, static IP address, all-day website control for international clients, flexible hardware updates, and scalability beyond compare. Each Windows-VPS-enabled computer is assigned a guaranteed portion of the server’s resources, which includes CPU speed, RAM, and disk space based upon the plan chosen.

Windows VPS allows clients to house whatever applications they may need including mail servers, Exchange Servers and DNS servers.  Since the client has full ADMIN access and Remote Desktop connectivity they can reboot thier servers whenever needed.  And with Remote Desktop connectivity the control of the server is just like setting in front of it.

”Now that we’re offering Windows VPS as part of our hosting packages, we can connect and serve with a larger more diversified share of medium-sized to large-scale online businesses” ZingaWEB CEO Lee Murphy stated.  “Few other datacenter providers offer the type of value and advantages we offer, which is why we’re confident that we will continue to the web hosting service of choice for a large number of corporations and application developers for many years to come.”

For more details on Windows VPS and ZingaWEB's collection of web hosting packages, visit ZingaWEB.net.

ZingaWEB is the marketing brand of Chapel Communications a 17 year old Internet Data Provider located in Richmond, Kentucky. 

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

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